How to Define the Gender of Your Baby

Published: 07th February 2011
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After the initial excitement calms down, and the fact that you will give birth in the wells, you begin to think from a practical point of view. Naturally, one of the first questions to ask is "can I have a boy or a girl?"

Everybody understands that we cannot say for the first few weeks, but the question remains on the back of the head and is usually the first thing urged, after greetings, when the people tell of your pregnancy. Most parents are very pleased to determine baby gender of the child. For some, they are not really care if their child is a boy or a girl. However, most parents who expect want to find the sex of their babies so they can prepare in advance. For some parents with a child they would like to have a boy or a girl. But how can one determine sex of the child.

There are number of methods to determine the gender of the child. Find out baby gender, if you already have a family and would require a balance between the genders of your children. It's pretty unique to have a balance between the genders of your children. Having a boy and girl will balance your side and create a perfect family. If a family has only girls, than you pray for a boy. Even with the boys, having a row you want to have the girl next door.

Many couples are actually choosing the sex of the child. Sometimes they are going through painful and annoying methods for gender selection of their babies. Choosing the sex of your baby is not easy, but you must understand that any truly good for you to be able to achieve what you think would be helpful.

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Michal Naim has discovered the Egg Cycle Method, the theory states that: when a female produces and discharge eggs, the egg is the one who decides if the male sperm, chromosome (y), or sperm from the female sperm, chromosome (x), will fertilize the egg. This, together with other parameters such as time and the cycle of women will determine the sex of the child. Michal Naim’s extraordinary invention of the Egg Cycle Method does not rest on food, posture, frequency of sexual intercourse, the consequences of separation or body acidity – it is all natural.

How does the Egg Cycle Method work?

1. You must fill out the information and submit it.

All of your information will be collected and put into her method to check whether you are suited to the Egg cycle Method.

2. If you are a fit for her method, she will give you a date when it is quite possible to obtain the desired sex newborn. After receipt of your menstrual cycle it is necessary to communicate with Michal and give the exact date of your cycle. (You can send her a message using your user name). She will then recalculate your information and give you a new date for the next month. Using her method, need to be a patient because not all women to become pregnant immediately. In fact, sometimes the data show a low percentage of a month, and then her recommendation would be to spend this month and wait for the next cycle.

This consulting service is very cheap only $ 369 includes the phone, personal meeting, or mail consulting until you're pregnant.

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